Redbird Fires

redbirdfires-01Paranormal M/M Romance

Novella, 45k wordcount

Redbird Fires first edition published March 16, 2013. Second edition published May 7, 2014

Cover by Amanda Koss May

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Michael, immortal phoenix and coffee shop owner, is getting ready for his rebirth. Burning to death hurts like hell and he wants a little moral support. He’s hoping to enlist the help of his new boyfriend, but the relationship isn’t turning out the way Michael thought it would.

Michael’s best customer and weekly coffee-and-gossip date, Avery, takes it upon herself to make sure Michael knows he’s getting played. She also plans to hook up the handsome café owner with her brother Bren, a grouchy botany professor at the local college. When Michael’s boyfriend turns out to be a cheating asshole, Avery does everything in her power to push Michael and Bren together.

Her plan has unexpectedly explosive results.

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