Falling Out of Fate

Paranormal M/M Romance

Novella, 33k wordcount

Falling Out of Fate is Madeleine’s debut novella, released June 19th 2012 through Loose Id.

Buy here: Loose Id,  Amazon,   Barnes&Noble

Kyon works hard as the second in command of the soul collectors, but his own soul is starting to crumble. He needs to bond with a compatible partner, or his mind will collapse and he’ll turn into a shadowy ghost. Death and Fate rely on Kyon for far too much to let him break, and they conspire together for a solution. When Kyon falls in love with Patrick, the only human who can see him, Death and Fate take it upon themselves to play matchmaker.

 Patrick has been dreaming about Kyon since puberty. Constantly under the scrutiny of a violently controlling father, he doesn’t expect to have any choice in his own life. When everything goes a little unexpectedly during what should have been his death, he finds himself with a new and unusual future. Luckily, this one might include the handsome Kyon.

Kyon is determined to avoid the man he loves. He believes Patrick doesn’t need to live life with a reminder of his death hanging over his every move but he finds it harder and harder to stay away from his perfect match. Especially when Patrick keeps getting sexier and Kyon keeps falling deeper…

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