Faire Folk series

The Faire is a special place for its inhabitants. People who need a place to hide, limited contact with the outside world, or just don’t feel accepted where they come from flock to the magical Renaissance Faire to live and work within its walls.

For three months out of the year, the Faire pops into existence in the modern US and becomes a fantastic place for strangers to come and dress in costume and watch entertainment inspired by England’s renaissance era. The other nine months of the year, everything within the Faire’s walls moves to another plane of existence. There, the people are cut off completely from the real world and become self-sufficient settlers of a tree-filled Glen, surrounded by impossibly high mountains and populated by strange magical creatures.

Each book features a different protagonist and can be read as stand-alone stories, though the final book will make more sense with background gleaned from the other stories.

Book 1: Faire Fugitive

Book 2: Faire Protector

Book 3: Faire Diviner

Book 4: Faire Secrets

Book 5: Faire Magic

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