Quick and Dirty Update on WIPs and Re-Releases

Because my social media savvy is pathetic (I always feel so awkward trying to market myself) and I haven’t updated in ages (sorry!), I was told flat-out that I needed to communicate more. Truer words have never been spoken. So I figured I’d give a quick rundown about where I am at the moment.

SO! First, a re-release. The rights to White-Knuckled Moments have returned to me, and I’m in the middle of working with the lovely and talented cover artist that re-did Fletcher’s Lunatic Asylum and Redbird Fires to get that book a cover without a mullet on it. I also plan on changing the ending to something slightly closer to the original pre-publish manuscript before releasing it back into the world at large. It was the second manuscript I ever sent in, and hadn’t learned how to say no or negotiate yet, so when it was originally accepted with conditions that I tweak the ending to be more HEA, I accepted without any resistance. So WKM is moving back to an HFN.

That being said, White-Knuckled Moments should be ready to go by the end of November, if my sanity and my work motivation hold up. Both are pretty questionable at times, and this time of year is always crazy busy for me. That book was hard to write, hard to edit, hard to read reviews for, and it will probably end up being hard to re-edit and release. But it’s still the work I’m most proud of, in the end, and I hope to be even more proud of it once everything is done.

As for WIPs, I’m working on a rough draft of a science fiction m/m. Hell, I’ve been working on this rough draft for nearly a year and a half already, but it’s finally getting to the point where it might see the light of a publisher’s office by the end of January. I’m hoping, anyway. It should have been done a long time ago, but I keep finding major plot points to change. I love science fiction–it’s my number one genre to read–and expanding into SF from my mostly fantasy/paranormal plots was a step I always wanted to take.

Faire Book Number Four will be this year’s NaNoWriMo, so the plot is (sort of) nailed down and everything will start on November 1. Hopefully it’ll be ready and out around the same time as the rest of of the Faire books. And this time, Zion the librarian is getting his HEA.

I also technically have a few short story rough drafts floating around, but I have yet to make them into something worthy. Perhaps, if I get bored enough with the novels again, I’ll pound those suckers into submission.

So there you have it. That’s everything M/M I’m working on, at the moment. Hopefully, now that I’ve shouted my hopes and dreams for these manuscripts into the public void, I’ll actually make the self-imposed deadlines. (ha, ha, ha…)

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