Back to the Grind

After a vacation that involved 40 hours of driving, a wedding, and a much-needed sanity break, it’s time to get back to work. At least I keep telling myself that. Procrastination is an art form I’ve perfected over the years. I do have one thing set in stone, though: I’ve got a (very, very) short story coming out for Halloween. I just signed the contract. Fletcher Lunatic Asylum is about a ghost hunter that investigates an old abandoned asylum and finds a very real ghost.

My main writing project for the next few months is going to be a sequel to Faire Fugitive. This time, it’s Max’s turn for love! Hopefully it won’t take nearly as long for me to write as Faire Fugitive did–that book was like pulling teeth during the rough draft. I think I re-wrote everything twice. At least I get to go to the local Ren Faire for “research” again. Repeatedly. While dressed up. Because, I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t want to?

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