Redbird Fires is out!

RedbirdFires400x600I managed to stress myself out all week worrying about this book release. This whole story process was one I spent sweating bullets over. (Had I done enough with each of the characters? Is it complete enough? Did it make sense to someone who wasn’t me? I’m assuming it must have, because Silver picked it up.)

This morning, I stumbled down the stairs, poured a cup of coffee, turned on the computer, and saw my very first Goodreads review for Redbird Fires. I was really confused until I remembered that it’s Saturday, and Saturday means the 16th, and the 16th means publishing day at Silver.

So here it is: Redbird Fires. Another paranormal, because I love creating the worlds around these unusual creatures.

At the moment, Redbird Fires is only available on Silver’s website, but I’ll update the buy links as it pops up other places.

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