Redbird Fires and Renaissance Faires

I’ve finally gotten a publishing date for Redbird Fires! March 16th, it ought to come out. I’m excited. Stoked. Terrified of what the edits are going to look like when they come my way, thanks to a brand new editor. But I survived edits on two books already, and surely my writing has gotten better. Right?

I hope so. The first time I saw an edited version of one of my stories, I cried. At least she was thorough.

I’m also finishing up another manuscript, hopefully to pimp out to publishers by the end of January. It’s set in a magical Renaissance Faire. Because, hell no, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to go to a bunch of Ren Faires all for the sake of research. Yes, I have my own corset. Two of them, actually, and I’m saving up for my very own pirate hat. I’m secretly hoping this story can turn into a series, if only to justify my Ren Faire obsession for the next few years.

Oh. Bonus. I can finally spell renaissance without the spell-checker yelling at me. It’s a new life skill!

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