Free Read: Cosmic Jokes

I’ve managed to finally, finally finish an edit for the first M/M story I ever wrote. (Blame NaNoWriMo for the wait!) It’s short, it’s kind of sweet, and I forgot how much I loved Brody until I started re-working it in October.

Now, my next goal is to find some form of cover art for it. Or something. Maybe. And then move on to edit the last two free reads I’ve got on LIT.

Cosmic Jokes: The Blurb Version

Brody knows he’s a little fucked up. He lives in his own little world, writing science fiction and working at a used book store when he remembers that he has bills to pay. At night, he dreams about a painfully handsome man, though they never do more than stand there and stare at each other. When his best friend drags him out to socialize with people he hasn’t created himself, Brody discovers the man of his dreams in the middle of a college bar.

Go check out the whole thing here.

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