Coffee and Characters

After re-reading my last manuscript, I’ve realized that just about every main character I’ve ever written is addicted to coffee. (Even Kyon in Falling Out of Fate, though that bit got taken out after the first draft. But seriously. Every MC.) So for my WIP, I’ve decided to take out all references to that delicious, delicious caffeinated beverage.

It’s been a lot harder than I expected.

That first week of writing, I felt like I was the one who’d been barred from the dark roast. I drank twice as much myself, since my MC couldn’t touch it. Or talk about it. Or think about it. My poor coffee maker got more of a workout than I think it’s ever had, bless its brave plastic soul.

The next week was better. I wasn’t constantly deleting references and running out of creamer.

This week, my MC has barely felt a thing. And lucky me, I’m back down to my regular coffee dosage. Which, admittedly, is still insanely high. But really, what is an author without coffee?

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