Falling Out of Fate Has Been Released!

Tonight might be the most surreal night of my life. I can say, officially, that I’m a published author. I’ve been dreaming of being all awesome-authorsauce since I stopped paying attention to middle school math classes and instead started creating fantasy motorized islands in my head. I’ve completed a life goal, and my mind is getting blown. Now I’ve got to start working for bigger and better goals!

Falling Out of Fate is officially out on Loose Id’s website, a few hours earlier than I was expecting. I was all set to party the night away, too. (And when I say party, I mean bubble bath and a good book. It’s a Monday night/Tuesday morning, after all.) If you check out the publisher’s website, they have the full first chapter available to read as a preview. Go check it out! If paying for my stories isn’t your thing, go find me on Literotica as OrangeRibbon. The last chapter of Taming the Stray went up this morning!

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