Well THAT Was Fun

So since Silver Publishing is imploding in a spectacular manner, I have the rights back to not only Redbird Fires, but also Fletcher Lunatic Asylum. I have to find new cover art, get some ISBNs, and re-edit, and then both of these will be back up for sale (probably for cheaper than they were … Continue reading

Redbird Fires news

So, due to circumstances beyond my control, I've just gotten the rights to Redbird Fires back. This was kind of out of left field for me-- I only found out about this a few weeks ago. After going through the Author's Cycle of Grief that my story is getting pulled from distribution, (What? Wait, … Continue reading

Writing Updates

I'm certainly terrible at this blogging thing, as demonstrated by the insanely lengthy time gap between this post and the last. But I have some happy news to share. I have a new manuscript under contract with Loose Id! Faire Protector, the sequel to Faire Fugitive, has been accepted. The … Continue reading